Can an Orthodontist Do Dental X-Rays?

X-rays are very important in the world of orthodontics. First and foremost, dental x-rays can help orthodontist diagnose and treat orthodontic issues. This is because they can reveal issues such as missing, impacted, misplaced, short, long, or extra teeth. In addition, they can identify problems with the jaws.

While orthodontists often dental x-rays before prescribing a treatment, they often take them during your treatment plan as well. Since not all of the effects of orthodontic treatment can be seen by the naked eye, x-rays can inform them of your progress and help confirm that you’re on track.

Once your treatment has come to an end and you’re left with beautiful, straight teeth, final x-rays will be taken. With final x-rays, orthodontists can recommend additional procedures. For instance, they may suggest that you get your wisdom teeth out. They may also use your x-rays to figure out what type of retainer you may need.

It’s important to note that you may require more x-rays throughout the course of your treatment if your case is complicated than a patient with a fairly simple case. Regardless, you should know that x-rays are completely safe so you have nothing to worry about if you need more than other patients. At Gladwell Orthodontics, we use the most advanced machines that offer the lowest level of radiation for your peace of mind.

While dental x-rays are useful to orthodontists, they don’t offer all of the information they need to make informed decisions. That being said, you’ll likely be required to get orthodontic x-rays taken at our office even if you are able to provide Dr. Gladwell with your dental x-rays.

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